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We make custom woven patches with subtle details and fine text not possible in normal embroidered patches. We deliver custom woven patches with a variety of durable backing options. Customized woven patches can have hot-cut borders or merrow-stitched borders.

What Is A Woven Patch?

Woven patches use finer strands of thread in comparison to embroidered patches. Tightly woven thread designs make high-resolution images and graphics possible on a woven patch. Woven patches are ideal if you are looking for sharp images with an array of vivid colors.

A woven patch has a smooth exterior, unlike an embroidered patch which has a textured appearance. You can apply woven patches to the outside or inside of clothing because their smooth exterior makes them extremely versatile. The sharp, eye-catching designs in a woven patch are ideal if you are looking for something more affordable than embroidered patches.

Minimum Order Quantity For Woven Patches

Excellent Custom Patches minimum order quantity for woven patches is 100 patches. We can provide a sample woven patch after the approval of the patch design. Production time for standard orders up to 20,000 woven patches is between 18 to 21 business days, in addition to the delivery time.

Our quality assurance department uses the latest technology to verify each woven patch matches order requirements. Woven patches which do not match order criteria are removed and replaced with new woven patches. Receive an email notification of the exact delivery date once patch production begins.

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Pros To Woven Patches

Versatile – Woven patches can be used on the inside or outside of clothing because they are delicate and not multilayered.

Contains Detailed Images & Text – The mesh of threads in a woven patch easily recreates artwork with complicated designs and text.

Affordable – Woven patches contain intricate designs but still cost less than embroidered patches.

Speedy Production – Woven patches are easier to create. Production time for woven patches is less than for embroidered patches.

Cons To Woven Patches

Unidimensional – Woven patches do not have multidimensional characteristics like embroidered patches or PVC patches. A woven patch has a completely smooth surface.

Borders For Woven Patches

Creating the best woven patches requires ensuring that all of the features of the woven patch are perfect. The border of a woven patch ensures that it remains durable for a long time to come. There are two border options for woven patches, let’s take a look at each one in detail.

Hot Cut Border

A hot-cut border is especially effective in woven patches with unique shapes. The main contents of a woven patch are secured by a border that seals the edges with a hot knife. The patch can blend in with the colors in the background of the woven patch because a hot-cut border is not very thick or apparent.

Satin-stitch edge is another name for the hot-cut border. Woven patches come with a standard hot-cut border because it costs less. This can mean that the patch might not last as long as one with a merrowed border.

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Merrowed Border

A merrowed border is made with an overlock stitching of thread. These borders are machine sewn for durability and draw attention to the center of the patch. A merrowed border gives the woven patch an elegantly stitched finish because it protects the inner contents and prevents the patch from fraying edges.

Some other names for a merrowed border include overlock border or stitched border. You can easily apply various backing options on a woven patch with a merrowed border.

Backing Options To Attach Woven Patches

The backing option will connect the woven patch to the fabric. Here we discuss only the backing options that are recommended for woven patches. You can request other backing options based on your discretion.

Peel & Stick Backing – The woven patch will have double-sided tape on the back. You can peel the back to expose the tape. The adhesive tape helps temporarily hold the patch in place to allow you to sew it on permanently.

Iron On Backing – The back of the woven patch with an iron-on backing will have a smooth finish. Place the patch on the fabric and use a dry iron to iron the reverse side of the fabric where the patch will be placed. There is no need to sew the patch after it has been ironed on the fabric.

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Velcro Backing – There are two sides to a velcro backing. One side needs to be attached to the fabric and the other to the back of the woven patch. You can order woven patches with either one side of the velcro backing or both sides of the velcro.

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Free Patch Digitization

We create digital artwork based on the images and instructions you provide. You have the facility to make unlimited edits to the digital artwork before approving the final version to get a customized quote.

Free Design & Artwork

We transform the pictures you provide into a data file by logo digitization for free. Some patch manufacturers charge a hefty amount based on the complexity and size of the custom patch, but we don’t.

Rush Turnaround Options

We provide multiple rush turnaround options available at an extra cost. Let us know at the time you approve the final patch version if you want your order completed sooner.

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