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Woven labels highlight your brand name. Woven labels are traditionally small but they are visually captivating, glamorous, and luxurious. Woven labels when used properly, can turn into an influential form of compact advertisement for pioneering brand names.

woven label

What Is A Woven Label?

A woven label is made up of cotton or wool. A woven label contains easily recognizable visual designs like brand logos. Woven labels are customarily stitched on the inside of clothing.

Woven labels are made up of different materials. The final look of a woven label depends a lot on the composition of the woven label. Let’s look at some of the woven label materials you can choose and their characteristics.

Damask Woven Labels

Damask woven labels are a popular choice for clothing labels. Create fine images and text with damask woven labels because it offers precise clarity. Damask woven labels are made of fine threads slowly intertwined at a higher weave density to produce smooth and elaborate designs.

We offer both qualities of damask woven labels, this includes high density and regular damask. High-density damask woven labels easily portray complex designs by using thin yet durable strands of yarn. High-density damask woven labels feel soft and appear luxurious in comparison to regular damask woven labels.

woven label
woven label

Satin Woven Labels

Satin woven labels are dazzling, radiant, soft to the touch, and more economical than damask woven labels. Satin woven labels are mainly used in infant apparel because of their soft texture. Satin woven labels cannot embody the same amount of meticulous details as damask or taffeta woven labels.

Satin woven labels look soft and shiny which is the reason for their popularity. The background colors in satin woven labels are limited to white, off-white, and black. Satin woven labels can be found on lingerie, which does not contain very detailed designs.

Taffeta Woven Labels

Taffeta woven labels are the most economical option if you are looking for durable woven labels. Taffeta woven labels usually incorporate large images and text because they cannot incorporate complex designs. Taffeta woven labels look similar to damask woven labels but they lack attention to detail.

Taffeta woven labels feel scratchy to the skin which makes it a better option to apply on bags, hats, or shawls. Avoid using taffeta woven labels on the inside or inseams of clothing. This is the least expensive custom woven label on the list.

woven label
woven label

Minimum Order Quantities For Custom Woven Labels

The minimum order quantity for custom woven labels is 100 pieces. It takes one week to complete the design, set up, and prepare a sample. Once you receive the sample you can approve the design to begin production.

Production time for standard orders of custom woven labels is 10 to 12 business days. We maintain strict quality control to ensure each custom woven label is made exactly according to your instructions. The custom woven labels we manufacture are washable because we always use top-quality materials.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed Custom Woven Labels

Each custom woven label goes through the quality control department before being dispatched. The quality control department is responsible for assuring the quality of every single custom woven label. You get a 100% satisfaction guarantee on custom woven labels once the design is approved.

No matter what the material, or how intricate the design is, we deliver only the best custom-woven labels. If you find any errors according to the approved design in any one of our finished products, we will remake it at no extra cost. The satisfaction guarantee applies to all of the custom-woven labels we deliver.

Design Guide For Custom Woven Labels

We’ve just scratched the surface about choosing the right design for a custom woven label. The following are some other factors that you can discuss in detail with our customer support.

  • Background color
  • Background fonts
  • Complementary artwork modification and vector artwork service
  • Artwork placement
  • Fast artwork design setup
  • Free Pantone color matching
  • Metallic threads
  • Rush turnaround options at an extra cost
  • Sewing margins and unfolded size
  • Woven label folds

Our custom woven labels are perfect for t-shirts, jackets, trousers, shorts, uniforms, and all other clothing items. Get a quote to begin creating your custom woven label.

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