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Custom Made Printed Patches

custom printed patches

Custom-made printed patches give you the freedom to add intricate details to your wardrobe. Embroidered patches and woven patches use threads and stitches to create a patch. It is difficult to achieve elaborate image precision in embroidered patches and woven patches due to characteristics of thread thickness and stitching limitations.

Printed patches achieve almost photographic clarity by dye sublimation. This is a special process to instill dyes into the fabric with nearly picture-perfect clarity. Printed patches display precise images that are not achievable with embroidered patches or woven patches.

Special Features Of Printed Patches

Printed patches are the best option because they are easily created with no color limitations. Printed patches incorporate meticulous image details at a very affordable rate. Once the printed patch is in place, it can be easily washed or sent to the dry cleaners without fading.

A printed patch weighs less because the image is printed directly onto the fabric. You can associate multiple colors with gradients and small text with ease on a printed patch. The final printed patch is smooth to the touch and can also be customized with embroidery.

custom printed patches

Custom Made Printed Patches Integrating Embroidery

A printed patch can incorporate any visual arrangement you can imagine. Printed patches are the best way to market a brand image, club logo, or social event. We want you to be in complete control of the visual appearance of your custom-made printed patch.

Custom-made printed patches can also include embroidery in addition to printed designs. The combination of the embroidery on the printed patch will give it a unique and inimitable presentation. Contact our representatives today and get creative during the free design and artwork stage to create a printed patch with embroidery.

Satisfaction Guaranteed Free Design & Artwork

Each printed patch we deliver complies with our satisfaction guarantee. Our designers provide an online sample of your patch within 24 hours after you get a quote. During the free design and artwork, our artists consolidate the design of the patch based on your instructions.

Our team provides unlimited revisions to the initial design seeking your approval of the design. You can suggest as many changes as you like before approving the final patch design. Production begins as soon as you approve the final version of the patch design.

custom printed patches
custom printed patches

No Compromise On Quality Of Printed Patches

Production begins once you designate the final patch design. As soon as patch production begins, an email notification informs you of the time production completes. We always schedule to achieve the indicated deadline.

Our team collaborates to meet your deadline, and you can always expect the best quality printed patches. We do not negotiate on the quality of even a single patch. We use premium quality materials with the most competitive rates and the quality control department ensures each printed patch is perfect before delivery.

Choosing The Right Backing Option

You must choose the right backing option when you approve the final version of the patch. Choosing from a variety of backing options can be complicated. We are here to explain the differences between each backing option to help you make the right choice.

  • Sew-on patches: Sew-on patches have no backing. Select this backing option if you want to have a tailor sew on the patch.
  • Iron-on patches: You can attach iron-on patches on clothing, hats, and jackets by using a dry iron. After application of the patch, avoid washing it in extremely hot water.
  • Peel & stick patches: Peel & stick patches are the best choice for one-time use. A peel & stick patch is a single-use patch that you can remove easily. Alternatively, you can use the peel & stick backing to hold the patch in place to sew it on permanently.
  • Velcro patches: Velcro patches are a convenient way to display your patch occasionally. You can decide to apply the patch any time you like, or remove it.

Still, confused about anything related to printed patches? Get in touch with our customer support to get all the answers you need. We look forward to collaborating with you on your next printed patches project.

Excellent Custom Patches Standard Services

Free Patch Digitization

We create digital artwork based on the images and instructions you provide. You have the facility to make unlimited edits to the digital artwork before approving the final version to get a customized quote.

Free Design & Artwork

We transform the pictures you provide into a data file by logo digitization for free. Some patch manufacturers charge a hefty amount based on the complexity and size of the custom patch, but we don’t.

Rush Turnaround Options

We provide multiple rush turnaround options available at an extra cost. Let us know at the time you approve the final patch version if you want your order completed sooner.

Free USA / UK Shipping

Receive a notification email of your delivery date as production begins. Don’t pay any extra fees to receive your order. We provide free shipping for all standard orders.

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