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Excellent Custom Patches produces the largest variety of custom patches. We manufacture each custom patch with a commitment to excellence using high-quality materials. We take pride in delivering sew-on patches with custom colors, designs, shapes, and sizes.

Order custom patches of large sizes to place on the back of a leather jacket or small lapel patches all made with perfect precision. Sew-on patches are the perfect choice for caps, clothes, handbags, hats, and much more. Sew-on patches can be made from any material, let’s take a closer look.

custom sew on patches

What Is A Sew-On Patch?

A majority of patches we deliver come with a backing that attaches the patch to the article of clothing. A sew-on patch does not have any backing. As the name implies, a sew-on patch must be manually sewn onto the article of clothing by a professional.

A sew-on patch has a visible twill base on the back but there are no loose threads. The back is smooth to the touch and this is why the patch can stray from the right spot while trying to sew it on. We recommend getting a sew-on patch stitched in place by a professional tailor.

Choosing The Right Materials For Custom Sew-On Patches

You can choose from a variety of materials for your custom sew-on patch. Some of the most popular types of fabric sew-on patches include embroidered patches, printed patches, and woven patches. Sew-on patches also include leather patches.

Leather patches can also have other backing options. Leather patches are an elegant choice for sew-on patches with a simple design.  Our customer support can guide you to select and create the right custom sew-on patch based on your preferences.

custom sew on patches
custom sew on patches

Custom Sew-On Patches Order Process

Excellent Custom Patches has been making custom sew-on patches since 2016. Begin by sending us your artwork by completing the get a quote form. Contact our customer support at any time to help you make the right selections for your custom sew-on patch.

Expert advice from our experienced professionals can help you make all the right choices. Inform our customer care if you would like to receive a physical sample of your patch in addition to the graphic rendering. Production begins only when you are completely satisfied with the final look of the custom sew-on patch.

Our designers create your custom patch design completely based on the artwork and the instructions you provide. You can make unlimited revisions to the initial design at no extra cost before approving the final rendition. Production of your custom sew-on patch begins after you approve the final version with which you are satisfied.

Maintaining The Highest Standards In The Sew-On Patch Industry

We prioritize customer satisfaction throughout the design and production process. This is why ECP always uses the best quality instruments, machinery, processes, threads, tools, and twills to make sew-on patches. We produce customized sew-on patches maintaining the highest industry standards to satisfy you with our product for a long time to come.

Other Backing Options For A Custom Patch

Iron-on patches are an excellent alternative to sew-on patches. Iron-on patches affix to the clothing with built-in heat-activated glue. This is a semi-permanent way to attach the patch to your clothing as long as you do not regularly wash the article of clothing in scorching hot water.

Custom velcro patches are another alternative to sew-on patches. Once both sides of the velcro are stitched on the clothing and the patch, you can attach or remove the patch at your convenience. Velcro patches cost more than sew-on patches and iron-on patches.

Peel and stick patches are the way to go if you want to temporarily use the patch for an upcoming event. Peel and stick patches are an affordable way to promote a one-time event because they attach temporarily and can be removed easily. The peel and stick backing is a great option to hold the patch in place and sew it on permanently if you like that patch.

custom sew on patches

Get A Quote To Begin Creating A Custom Sew-On Patch Today

Do you have a design for the custom sew-on patch you’ve always wanted? Send us your drawings and graphics to receive a design proposal from our creators within 24 hours when you get a quote. Get a customized quote from Excellent Custom Patches with the lowest price guarantee to help you jumpstart the process.

Excellent Custom Patches Standard Services

Free Patch Digitization

We create digital artwork based on the images and instructions you provide. You have the facility to make unlimited edits to the digital artwork before approving the final version to get a customized quote.

Free Design & Artwork

We transform the pictures you provide into a data file by logo digitization for free. Some patch manufacturers charge a hefty amount based on the complexity and size of the custom patch, but we don’t.

Rush Turnaround Options

We provide multiple rush turnaround options available at an extra cost. Let us know at the time you approve the final patch version if you want your order completed sooner.

Free USA / UK Shipping

Receive a notification email of your delivery date as production begins. Don’t pay any extra fees to receive your order. We provide free shipping for all standard orders.

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