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Custom Leather Patches Made Of Genuine Leather & Faux Leather

custom leather patches

Leather patches are an excellent choice to decorate backpacks, hats, jackets, jeans, and shoes. Larger leather patches are an all-time favorite to customize leather jackets or jackets made from any material. Smaller leather patches are a practical and stylish choice for hats, jeans, and shoes.

Some of the factors that affect the price of the leather patch include the shape, size, and whether you deboss (engrave) or emboss (engrave & elevate) your logo. Embossed leather patches are more attractive because both sides of the leather are processed. The backing option you choose is another factor that affects the final price.

Standard Process To Order Custom Leather Patches

Excellent Custom Patch’s team of designers creates an online representation of your leather patch within 24 hours. The 24 hours starts when you get a quote by providing detailed information about your custom leather patch requirements. Provide multiple pictures in the best quality possible to begin the free design and artwork process.

You can make as many changes as you like to the artwork with the help of our skilled designers. Approve the final artwork so production can begin. Receive an email notification of the delivery date after approving the final artwork.

Debossed, embossed, and laser-engraved leather patches all have a distinct appearance. Debossed and embossed leather patches have a similar creative process. Let’s take a detailed look at each one.

custom leather patches

Debossed VS Embossed Leather Patches

Debossing and embossing is a method to decorate leather patches to give the leather a visual 3D appearance. To achieve the look, both processes use a heated metal as a die-cast that is pressed onto the leather. You can deboss or emboss genuine leather or faux leather.

A debossed leather patch contains an impression of an image or text on the leather. The letters or pictures seem to be engraved into the leather. Only one side of the leather is processed with the metal die-cast to create a debossed leather patch that ages beautifully.

An embossed leather patch contains an image or text that is engraved from the middle and looks puffed up from the rest of the sheet of leather. Both sides of the leather are processed to create an embossed leather patch. The logo or text in an embossed leather patch projects out of the rest of the leather so you can feel the texture with your hands.

Laser Engraved Leather Patches

Laser engraving is a process that can be done on almost any kind of leather. There is a lot of material wastage with old-fashioned leather crafting techniques. Laser engraving leather is a modern and efficient way to get the perfect look on a leather patch.

The final product is a clean, crisp, and high-contrast laser engraved leather patch. Laser engraving is an affordable way to achieve a similar look as debossed leather. There is no need for artisans to spend years learning an elaborate art of leather crafting using traditional tools to create laser engraved leather patches because it is completely automated.

custom leather patches

Get An Expert Opinion For Your Next Custom Made Leather Patch

Since 2016 our team has experience working with all kinds of leather materials and leather processing techniques. Consult our specialists to get an expert opinion if you have any questions about the right material or the process. We organize the entire experience of getting a custom-made leather patch to prioritize your satisfaction at all costs.

Excellent Custom Patches Standard Services

Free Patch Digitization

We create digital artwork based on the images and instructions you provide. You have the facility to make unlimited edits to the digital artwork before approving the final version to get a customized quote.

Free Design & Artwork

We transform the pictures you provide into a data file by logo digitization for free. Some patch manufacturers charge a hefty amount based on the complexity and size of the custom patch, but we don’t.

Rush Turnaround Options

We provide multiple rush turnaround options available at an extra cost. Let us know at the time you approve the final patch version if you want your order completed sooner.

Free USA / UK Shipping

Receive a notification email of your delivery date as production begins. Don’t pay any extra fees to receive your order. We provide free shipping for all standard orders.

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