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Custom Embroidered Patches

Custom Embroidered Patches

Creating High-Quality Custom Embroidered Patches Since 2016

Excellent Custom Patches offers a broad range of choices for custom-made embroidered patches. Designer clothes include unique embroidered patches and trademarks so you can tell them apart from regular clothing. You too can personalize your wardrobe with a custom-made embroidered patch.

Our standard services are:

  • Free Design & Artwork
  • 7 to 10 Days Production Turnaround Time
  • Free USA / UK Shipping
Custom printed Patches
Custom Embroidered Patches

Cooperative, Helpful, & Polite Customer Support

Our cooperative customer support is here to help you throughout the entire process. Our customer support helps ensure you are satisfied with the free design and artwork. They will politely coordinate with you at each step of the process starting from the submission of your outline, to approving the final artwork.

Your 100% satisfaction with the artwork starts the custom patch production. Standard orders take 7 to 10 business days to complete production. US & UK customers get free shipping for standard orders.

How To Make The Best Embroidered Patches?

Custom-made embroidered patches can be of any size and design you can perceive. You are free to use your imagination to picture the exact design of an embroidered patch for your business, motorcycle club, or personal attire. We can help you create that personalized embroidered patch to match your concept.

Let’s look at some of the important factors to create perfect embroidered patches.

Custom Embroidered Patches
Custom Embroidered Patches

Embroidered Patches With Custom Shapes

The shape of an embroidered patch has a direct impact on its final look. Your patch can be in a specific shape such as a circle, square, oval, or rectangle. Choosing a regular shape will make it easier to identify its dimensions and create its contents.

Embroidered patches can also have custom shapes such as a star, cross, or heart shape. The important thing to remember is not to complicate the outline of the patch shape too much. This will make it easier to identify its exact size.

Different Sizes For Embroidered Patches

The size of an embroidered patch is next in importance to the shape of the patch. Try to identify the exact size of each side of the patch with a custom shape and multiple corners. Similarly, try to distinguish the exact height and width of the patch if it is a round or oval shape.

We can make embroidered patches with custom shapes as large as 16 inches, and as small as an inch. Large embroidered patches can easily incorporate complex patterns with different fonts and colors of text. Trying to associate the same amount of complex images and text clarity in a much smaller embroidered patch might not be very practical.

embroidered patches

Embroidered Patches With Text

The writing in an embroidered patch helps the viewer make sense of the entire image. It can be convenient if you know the exact font you want to use in the patch. The total size of the patch also influences the formatting of the text.

The color of the text in a patch is always different from its background for it to be readable. Large embroidered patches can easily associate text with complex fonts and different sizes without looking sloppy. Trying to achieve the same amount of clarity of text and intricate details with a very small patch size is not possible.

Custom Embroidered Patches

Colors For Embroidered Patches

Embroidered patches have a distinct background color that corresponds with the actual fabric that contains the embroidery. You can choose from many different colors for the main fabric that will incorporate embroidery. Try to strike a balance between the number of colors in an embroidered patch based on its size.

For example, a large patch can easily associate more colors and still look crystal clear. You can choose from hundreds of different colors for both the fabric and embroidery on the patch. We can easily deliver embroidered patches of all different sizes that contain 9 or 10 embroidery threads of different colors.

Get A Quote For An Embroidered Patch Today

Get in touch with us even if you have a rough idea for the look of your embroidered patch. Our specialists are always available to help.

Excellent Custom Patches Standard Services

Free Patch Digitization

We create digital artwork based on the images and instructions you provide. You have the facility to make unlimited edits to the digital artwork before approving the final version to get a customized quote.

Free Design & Artwork

We transform the pictures you provide into a data file by logo digitization for free. Some patch manufacturers charge a hefty amount based on the complexity and size of the custom patch, but we don’t.

Rush Turnaround Options

We provide multiple rush turnaround options available at an extra cost. Let us know at the time you approve the final patch version if you want your order completed sooner.

Free USA / UK Shipping

Receive a notification email of your delivery date as production begins. Don’t pay any extra fees to receive your order. We provide free shipping for all standard orders.

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